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GPI Eco Club

The Green Promise Initiative Eco Club is one of the important projects which the organization is embarking upon to redirect the consciousness of young people. Young people have an important role to play in protecting and preserving the environment as future leaders.

We realise protecting the planet and the environment has one clear, long-term, sustainable solution; Education. For sustainability, young ones have to be armed with the right tools from the cradle of education to achieve the desired result needed in protecting the environment.


In line with organization’s vision, is A world, globally educated, engaged and united to combat the challenges of climate Change. GPI saw the need of collaborating with schools to create ECO Clubs, as we strongly believe that when a student joins the ECO Club in school he/she becomes enlightened about environmental degradation, pollution, climate change etc. It will create an avenue for the parents and communities where these children come from to be aware about various steps to take in protecting their environment. As leaders of tomorrow, it’s important for young ones to have a good understanding about their environment for a better future begins with them.


This club will complement the formal academic learning acquired in the classroom. For teachers, it is a wonderful opportunity to create awareness, build attitudes and help students take up activities in real world, in a way in which the constraints of the classroom and curriculum will not allow.

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