Elephants are a majestic yet gentle beings that have come
under threat by the human race because of their tusks.  Although there are illegal ways of getting
ivory man has found ways to do it illegally and brutally. Some literary just
shoot them and some use cyanide poison to kill them. They don’t look at the
ramifications of killing these beautiful animals.

I am a peace-loving person but when I hear of poachers being
mauled by lions I kind of celebrate because the animal kingdom is also
preserving its own. According to the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management
Authority (ZimParks), 322 elephants were killed by poachers between 2016 and
2019, largely for their tusks.

In Africa poaching is a huge problem because due to poverty
governments are not helpful in preserving the animal. A combination of corrupt
law enforcement and anaemic prioritisation of the fight against elephant
poaching means that African countries are at the centre of the
multi-billion-dollar ivory smuggling racket. Elephants can also be sold to zoos
in China and India because due to no funds it’s difficult to be also to keep
these animals so they are better off sold. However, in china there have been
reports of Elephants that are put in zoos where they don’t get the freedom the
deserve or require. Elephants are wild animals and they need a lot of space and
they feed on tree branches and grass and other stuff in their diet. So, to put
them in a zoo is almost like slavery and may affect their growth. To be able to
provide all this is practically impossible. This means they are not being given
inadequate so it would be ideal for time to be allowed to roam freely in the
wild. According to the Save the Elephant on average, an elephant can feed up to
18 hours and consume hundreds of pounds of plant matter in a single day.

We need more organisations like the World Wildlife Fund
(WWF) and Save the Elephants to remind us why Elephants are important. They are
like gardeners and landscape engineers in the ecosystem as they create habitats
for various other species.

Elephants are disappearing from the earth it’s up to you and
me to help eradicate poaching and save the earth for future generations. We can
do this by donating to a cause or contributing in the form of service and
raising awareness by talking about it.

Green Promise Iniative (GPI) is intaerested in educating the masses especially children about the importants of every species on the plant amongst other things. Elephants are hard to recover because it takes 15 years statistically to replace any animal killed. Yet we need elephants because they are like landscapers and provide habitats for other species.

I am an upcomung eciromental conservationalist l hope one day that l will be part of the Save the Elephant team. I am a writter by profession so for now all l can do is write about these magestic aniamls till an opportunity rises. My heart bleeds at the brutality in which these anaimals are killed.

What can you do ?

You can help by donation to the Save the Elephant Fund @ https://www.savetheelephants.org/

Or be a voluntter with us @ https://thegreenpromise.org/

Written by 
Martina Kwenda
GPI Zimbabwe 

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