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World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day

It’s imperative we join the world in commemorating this special day but ultimately everyday should be Wildlife Day.

We co exist with wildlife and our very lives are heavily dependent on them. Wildlife oe the source of nutrition and nutrition is everything.

In addition to food, humans can rely on wildlife for their income. The World Economic Forum estimates that 1.6 billion people worldwide and those in the global south rely on water and forests, respectively. Jobs are lost when wildlife and their habitats get smaller!

It’s vital we stop keeping animals in captivity because then they won’t be able to do what they were created for because they are not in their natural habitat .

For a wild animal, suffering is an inevitable part of life in captivity. Their natural behavior is curtailed and their physical and mental health are jeopardized in captivity. Chronic stress and poor physical health can be caused by inadequate confinement settings. Animals in the wild should be left in their natural habitat; they are not pets.

The ability to survive on their own is a crucial skill for wild animals to acquire. Removing animals from their natural habitat impedes their ability to learn about natural adversaries and other essential survival abilities.

So let’s join hands and keep our wildlife intact. Happy World Wildlife folks!

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