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Combating Climate Change Individually!

Combating Climate Change Individually!

One thing about “climate change “is that everybody can do something about it! It’s one of the few things you can’t stop making a contribution in the name of “let the experts do it” You can do it from the comfort of your own home even. Natural resources and spaces available are limited and there is a need to balance continual growth with improvements to health and achieving economic wellbeing for everyone. So l a challenging you to start doing something in your own home! Here are a couple of ideas….

Save Energy at home
We all love electricity and our BP goes high when we don’t have it but electricity uses Coal, Oil and Gas! These don’t do much just in getting us clean air so you cha make little changes like reducing your heat and cooling use. You can switch to LED light bulbs and remembering to switch off lights when not in use! You can also use energy –efficient electrical supplies for example hand washing your clothes with cold water and letting your clothes dry on their own rather than using washing machines and dryers. To improve your home energy-efficiency by having better insulation or replacing your oil and gas with an electric heat pump for example can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 900 kilos of C02E per year. Idea change tour homes source of energy to wind or Solar according to the United Nations

Walk ,Bike or take Public transport
The road are filled with cars all over the words and simply put there are just too many car emitting green gas or burning diesel or gasoline. Get an electric car or rather use buses and trains for longer distance and help safe mother earth. Besides riding a bike or walking improves your health too! Carpool whenever possible and living a car-free life can cut your carbon emission by 2 tons per CO2E per year

Plant a TREE in your backyard
Some of our strongest allies in the fight against climate change are the trees, plants, and soil that store massive amounts of carbon at ground level or underground. Without the aid of these carbon sinks, life on earth would be impossible, as atmospheric temperatures would rise to levels more like those found on Venus. So Plant trees in your backyard so they can do their work and we can cut off carbon emissions.

Join in the political pressure
Lobby local politician efforts to cut emissions and reduce carbon pollution, #ACTNOW Speak Up has been very influential in other countries. Pick an environmental issue you like and create a community and go speak to your local MP and let them do something about it

Tweak your diet
Eat plant-based meals more often and your body will thank you later! Too much eat can never be good for you. Plant-rich diets can help reduce heart disease, stroke and diabetes as well as cancer.

These are some of the little things you can do and there is more keep researching and keep up to date with what’s happening around you!

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