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A conversation with Cecil!

A conversation with Cecil!

I gathered we can still create make belief even though we all grown up and all….. I have this thing where I say I would rather live with animals than humans because of the human cruelty we see all year long. So anyway I have created two conversations with a lion and an elephant…..but first let’s dedicate “Cecil the Lion” a lion that made the news when it was shot by poachers in Zimbabwe!

Note :Cecil the Lion –CTL Me- M

M: Hey Cecil, Why the long face

CTL: Ahhh it’s the doomed if you, doomed if you don’t type of situ hey? You humans baffle me!

M: Oh my am sorry to hear that what can I do to help?

CTL: Well it’s a toughie, I imagine you doing everything you can but our struggles are just too much for a few to handle You see there is you and others like you that are dedicated to protecting us but you see now we are confined to certain area for our protection, which is good but that means scarcity of food and shelter because we are many and you know how we live in our clans and we were born to be wild and free so we supposed to be roaming the ends of the earth but now we can’t because by 2050 its estimated there be no lions!

M: Year l hear you sometimes l wish the tables would turn and animals were the one shunting humans and taking over their territory even for the day. You see because we try and let people aware that we need you but they just don’t see to get it.

CTL: Yeah imagine Mother Earth is already tough enough as we trying to keep the legacy in. We lions would have wasted our lifetime if we have no lineage but there are too many loopholes. We have to fight other lions to death, we have hyenas, elephants and buffalos killing us or our offspring and natural disasters to worry about. As if that is not enough now we have to worry about humans. Animalia kingdom cannot catch a break.

M: I hear you, it’s sad we humans only take things seriously when it’s too late. Like the natural disaster and extreme weather we experiencing its now an Aha moment. Yet we forget the animals have no counter measures against this! My heart breaks for you and for all endangered species and as well for my fellow humans because they are not aware that one day they may be no Tomorrow.

CTL: Yes and there the matter of caging us or putting is in a zoo! That’s a form of abuse because we created to be out there with lots of room to reign. But no humans decide to keep us caged! That should be considered criminal no matter what animal it is. You have cows and pigs etc. leave us alone!

M: Yeah nowadays people sign petitions to rescue caged animals. We want to get a place where animals are only kept closer to human beings only when they need medical help or become maimed such that they can no longer fend for themselves.

CTL: Thank to the UN Environment program and other wildlife and environmental organisation we have a chance! But we are also defiant we will keep defying the odds and existing and even winning some battles against humans. I remember a Lion pride in Kruger National Park down in South Africa ate some Elephant poachers! See we do take care of our own.

M: Yeah hopefully soon everyone is environmentally conscious someday

CTL: HAHAH if wished were horses, the human heart is wicked! Imagine killing for fun and don’t even wonder what happens to the species you keep killing whether its lions, elephants, leopards, pangolins etc. That’s when you know its common sense is not common at all. They destroy and cut down trees and still expect to find trees. You would think they would know you should paint a tree for every tree you cut because tress save us every day!

M: I know what you mean, anyway our times out, always a pleasure hanging out with you. What would you like to say to Humans on behalf of endangered species?

CTL: Well on behalf of all creatures’ great and small we want you to know and understand that we have rights too. We were not created or put on this earth for you to just kills us ease. For mother earth to fully function everyone has a role to play so everything is important. We would like if you stopped disturbing our habitats and killing us for the sake of killing. If the tables were turned would you like being killed for sport? I don’t think so, let us try to co-exist with each other. When you done killing us. Will you start killing each other? And to what end? Think before you act in terms of repercussions. You kills us for medical purposes but have you stopped to think where you will get those parts of us when we no longer exist? For example wouldn’t you better of tranquilizing us if you killing for sport and for elephants and rhinos tranquilize and cut off the horns and tusks if you must and let them live? Most animals are dependent on their parents for survival so orphaning them helps no one. Above all WE WANT TO LIVE!!!!!!

That’s a wrap will be talking to an elephant soon too….

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