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Everybody should be an Environmental Enthusiast!

Everybody should be an Environmental Enthusiast!

Everybody should be an environmental enthusiast simple because you have breath. At the rate where things are going soon there won’t be any breath of fresh air. We pollute the world everyday yet we want to enjoy the world and its intricacies! I say this because the natural resources and spaces available are limited and there is a need to balance for continual growth with improvements to health and achieving economic wellbeing for everyone. We need to save the planet for the next generations to come.
If the series of natural disasters are not a clue that we need to do something then I don’t know what else will. Everybody can’t be thinking somebody should do it when anybody should do it….. Because it affects us all weather you acknowledge it or not.

For example you may wonder what the importance of oceans, lakes and all other water sources is? .Why should you even care about? Well for starters water is life. A lot of the human body is comprised of water! So we need for there to be clean water in our lakes and oceans. The oceans unending supply of water is essential to our existence because like Susan of the Oceanprenuer put it
The Ocean is the heart of the planet. Water covers more than two-thirds of the Earth’s surface. Sea plants, like Posidonia, produce 70% of the oxygen we breathe (1), and the deep waters are home to wildlife and some of the biggest creatures on earth. It provides us with food, jobs, life, entertainment, and sailing! Without it, we cannot survive.

Not forgetting that every country relies on other countries (some distance away) for more than 50% of its rainfall. One example is how land used in Caucasus and Eastern Europe affects evapo -transportation and the rainfall in East Asia because green water travels long distance connecting countries and regions so there is an obvious interdependence amongst nations. Climate change is titling the Hydrological Cycle warmer temps results in blue water.

Therefore oceans are threatened by climate change due to pollution, coastlines are eroding, and entire species of marine life are at risk of extinction. I will explain further to better understand that pollutants are reducing fish populations and posing health risks to consumers of the fish populations. Hence a lot of diseases can be traced back to what we are doing to the planet.Then lest not forget our wildlife for the same reason as oceans and seas that help balance the ecosystem. Animals and marine species are as important as us in the ecosystem because every species is co-dependent on another for its survival. So one species going extinct may ultimately disturb the whole ecosystem. A simple example is bees they are vital to the growth of many crops because of their pollen-carrying roles. If the number of bees lessened a number of rips would be on the decline. Or vultures if they didn’t exist their role of cleaning up the earth after death would be diminished and ecosystem would no longer be clean and diseases they block from spreading will begin to spread intricately…..Or the carnivores we so love killing if they didn’t exist herbivores would increase and as a result and they would them move to agricultural lands and villages or their needs. Wildlife is a source of medicine as extracts from most animal species are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. So for pharmaceuticals and hospital to exist they need them so maybe you are nor sick right now, or you have a chronic illness would you not want the best medicines available. What happens to cancer patients without drugs like morphine to help with the pain. Today various species of animals are being studies and researched to find new cures for deadly diseases. You are human after all you are bound to be sick at some point so you will be needing medicine. So be part of the process that makes sure everyone has access to these medications by advocating for the environment.

I could keep going on and on but it’s imperative that we all do something to help preserve the earth for ourselves and future generations. Otherwise the earth will be inhabitable with how we are going. For earth to be be earth it will need all its components so everything is doing their part so we need the environment and wildlife with us!

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