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I love Leopards they sure are elusive!!

I love Leopards they sure are elusive!!

Oh my gosh where do l even begins these cat’s are the most elusives of cat’s! If you are an avid traveler in the Amalia kingdom you know what am talking about. You can go looking for them and not find them for days when they are out in the wild. Like most cat’s the leopards worst enemy is a hyena! But ironically it’s most iconic enemy is it’s fellow cat the lion!

These large, powerfully-built predator cats are closely related to lionsjaguars, and tigers. A leopard’s personality is secretive and elusive and arguably one of the most beautiful of the entire Panthera genus.

Anyway have you ever seen a leopard skillfully climb a tree? Of course they’re exceptional climbers.It’s like they defy gravity because it looks so surreal and unreal! Another fascinating facts is sometimes they mate with other cats specifically the Panther. However their babies are not hybrids like a leopard mating with a cheetah Since the black panther is simply a black form of leopard, therefore they.can breed with regular spotted leopard. But leopard mate with even jaguars sometimes…

This is just insane

Fascinatingly leopards have been known to fight crocodile like their fellow jaguars. Although the crocodile can be the winner too on occasion!???? …..

In Africa and Asia, leopards probably don’t target crocodilians as regularly as some populations of jaguars, for which caimans can make up a major part of their diets. However, there is photographic evidence from 2002 that shows a leopard tackling and killing a young croc in the Kruger Park.18 Oct,

Have you ever seen a leopard targeting a meal while hiding on the bush and it does this Great dive and at it breaks down it has it’s claw’s on its preys neck? Then you see it running away from those damn hyenas. Argh leopard is a solitary animal and know hyenas are deceitful and dangerous because they’re on packs so it just climbs up the tree to safety.

These elusive beings are very secretive and solitary they only mix and mingle to matr and they are out of here. It’s rare to hear them make sounds because they’re solitary animal they have impressive ones hough when need be. Leopards have distinct unique calls to communicate with each other. When a male wants to make his presence known, he’ll make a raspy cough sound. When angry, leopards growl. Like domestic cats, purr when happy and relaxed. Cute, eh?

What amused most is they are not easy to spot when you looking for them. But even when hunting they really know their business l mean it does so without detection . They approach prey with their head low and legs bent, and quietly disappears and stalks its prey until it’s around five to ten meters in range. And then… pounce! The leopard dashes forward and aims for the victim’s neck. It takes its prey down, holding tight with a bite to the throat.

It stalks its prey until it’s around five to ten meters in range. And then… pounce! The leopard dashes forward and aims for the victim’s neck. It takes its prey down, holding tight with a bite to the throat. They’ can give birth anytime of the year and can carry two to three cubs. Their coats which have compughlaged with black rossetes make excellent disguise when they want to blend in with the environment such that they are undetectable.

Leopard are excellent mothers they know how to hide their cubs which are often born blind from predators in very thick lairs. The gestation period is only about three months so when they are born they are not fully developed. The lairs are so secretive that’s it’s hard to spot their babies and they rear them upro two years then they leave them to fend for themselves. Nature is brutal and they go and make other babies.They are also great leapers, able to leap up to 6 meters horizontally and 3 meters vertically.

Lastly Leopards love staying in trees because they can spot danger and prey while up there. They are definitely the smallest of the big cat’s but they are the most elusive one’s.Leopards can run at a speed of 36 miles per hour, and leap 20 feet in a single bound. They can also jump 10 feet straight up in the air.

Leopards are found in sub-Saharan Africa, northeast Africa, Central Asia, India and China. They can live in a varied habitat, from rainforests to deserts, woodlands and forests. 

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