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Ignorance of Human Nature

Ignorance of Human Nature

When they said ” common sense is not common” l laughed but ironically it is not. The foolishness of us not carrying about nature is ridiculous. The very life or breath you take is so dependent on nature….fresh water, clean air, food, medicine, energy and above all, life itself.

Ecosystem services contribute an estimated $125 trillion to $140 trillion a year to the world’s economy — measure that to your countries GDP you be amazed.

Citing an article by Wakefield (2022) who was citing another source…..

And yet, every six seconds, the world loses a soccer field size of primary rainforest. Every minute, the equivalent of a garbage truck of plastic is dumped into the ocean. Every day, dozens of species go extinct.

So when you think about this imagine what difference it would make if everybody did their part? If the natural disasters happening are not evidence of the damage we are doing are not proof then l don’t know. Recent the United Nations Environment programme by 2030 the world will receive an estimate 560 disasters a year….. that gives me the shivers considering how many lives and things are destroyed. Lest we forget it’s natural once it’s lost it can’t be recovered….did you know that if there is too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causing high levels of greenhouse emissions extreme weather conditions happen! Food for thought 

Let’s talk about oceans the contribute about 50% of oxygen and it absorbs carbon dioxide more than the atmosphere. Yet human beings always disturb already complex ecosystems. Yet reports estimate about 800 marine species are killed by debris which caused suffocation and starvation? At this rate it’s estimated that Marine life could be on extinction in the next 300 years! You think that doesn’t concern you probably right??? Well the disasters start now your existence now depends on these species to do their job. 

Air pollution is the reason behind most of our health problems like  heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, asthma, respiratory infections and premature dear.  These problems can occur with even just a little air pollution has a huge impact according to Wakefield (2022)

So you see we could go on and on but fact is human beings are a huge problem. So they should be part of the solution. What can you do to make a difference? Do your research but my next article will be about ybaty!!!


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