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Let’s visualise a world when Global Warming takes over completely!

Let’s visualise a world when Global Warming takes over completely!

What l have noticed over the years is when you speak of the future people are inclined to listen but not to take it seriously. Or they may hear you and not understand untill it’s over. It’s the same aspect with our relationship we tend to appreciate people when they are no longer there. So to give a grim visualisation that hopefully will help you take action in making the world a better place.

We live in a very materialistic world so let’s begin with that. So imagine a world where you wake up and can’t brush your teeth or take a bath because there is no water. Better yet even if you do find it’s unclean water. Imagine there is no sewage system or rainfall? Can you survive such a world. Oh us that love gadgets imagine a world where there is no electricity. You can’t charge your phone or laptop. You can’t watch TV or even listen to the radio or play music your phone?.

Also remember the COVID days and we had to wear masks and it was frustrating and irritating to wear those masks? Imagine have to move with an oxygen tank all your Life and you having to buy oxygen like you buy airtime. Consider everybody needs it and mother earth is no longer producing oxygen the you run out of oxygen. So in the end is humans will also die.

It’s sounds so horrid and extreme right? But that’s where we are headed with the way to go. We live in a world where you an tell a person is rich by the car they own or the house they have. But imagine in a world where natural disasters are frequent building houses or buying fancy cars will be a waste because a flood or earthquake can just demolish these in seconds! Scary right? But that’s the kind of world we are advocation for when we refuse to combat climate change.

We can save water in our daily lives for example after you do your laundry you can use that same water to flush the toilet or water your garden. You can plant little trees at your house or in the park. You can use bio-degradable products in your house. You can make sure you don’t liter and avoid using plastic. There are everyday things you can do by yourself and your family. If everybody did this we can indeed save mother earth.

I could go on and on with my gloom and doom but you get the Idea! So l dare you what changes are you going to make in your personal life to save mother earth…?

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