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The Million Dollar nature question

The Million Dollar nature question

So what can you do yourself to contribute in preserving mother nature. We are the koproblem so we should also be part of the solution. Mother nature news us more than ever. So will put down a couple of idea that could be a family or individual projects of even a community…..any more suggestions on your part are welcome….

Let’s preserve water, water is probably the most abused natural resources. Somehow we all think that water is always there but other areas like Ethiopia and several other African countries water is a scarce commodity. They have no access to clean water and that brings in a lot of heath issues for both humans and livestock. I still recall a story on Readers Digest title Ryan’s Well.  About how am American boy was touched by the stories of scarce water in Uganda. He was so into finding a solution that he influence he’s community to donate money so that he could build a wall and he did built the well.

Another way is to  “Go Reusable” simply by not using plastic bags because when you throw them away there is no such thing as away they end up in the ocean killing marine life… use reusable bags for your shopping and you will doing mother earth a favour…

Normalise buying local produce to reduce Carbon emissions used when you buy things from afar.  With this you can donate old clothes to orphanage or those less fortunate. As no longer needing something doesn’t necessarily mean you have to turn or into trash when someone can reuse it.

Oh plant trees of course  as trees convery greenhouse gases into breathable oxygen. They also help prevent soul erosion and planting close to homeod course gives you shade. This can also be a community project and it’s fun you spend time together.

Saving electricity is another way from switching off lights during the day and when not in use to air drying your clothes. These are some of the little things you can do to conserve energy.

Segregation of household washer. If everybody. Have separate bins for plastic, bottles, organic waste etc. Organic waste can be used  to create bio compost. The dry waste like plastic and foil waste can be recycled and reused. Have a separate bins for heavy metals like phones and batteries e.t.c

Save Fuel: We must make it a practice to save fuel like CNG, petrol or diesel. We can start minimal use of our vehicle in favor of public transport. While using our own vehicle we just have to reduce waste consumption of fuel by checking the pressure of wheels, free our vehicle from unnecessary heavy loads – it will lead to less use of fuel. We must practice turning off engines while we are standing in one place for a long time.(Bahudar 2022)


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