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What determines success in the Lions Kingdom

What determines success in the Lions Kingdom

W always talk about the Lion being the king of the jungle but what does it really take to be the king? We know lions have prides. And that’s it’s imperative lion has to produce cub’s successful for his legacy to continue.

Although they are social animals no male lion ever fathers a child that’s not their own and are known to even kill their own. A pride often consists of 1 or 2 males and a couple of lionesses. The statistics if the cubs is only 1 out of 3 cub survives to maturity. They often killed by lions, hyenas, buffalos or elephants.

So what consists of a successful lion dynasty? There are three elements that determines the success of a Lion Kingdom and these are 1. Coalition 2. Territory 3. Loyal lionesses ….. let’s get in detail…

For a lion to have a successful he needs a coalition. They usually partner with their own family members like brothers. When there are two dominant males the chances of success. This entails they can easily fend of Intruders and if one is injured the other can take over.

They need a territory to rule so the lionesses can breed their lion cubs in peace. The scent mark their territory with urine and it’s always huge and they go around patrolling and defending their lionesses and cub’s .

Lastly of course they need loyal lionesses because they do most of the work on terms of rearing cubs and providing food. Without loyal lionesses they have no legacy to leave, no Kingdom to rule since a whole price is made mostly of lionesses and one or two males. He won’t have nothing defend or fight for.

Of course they need to keep lion cubs alive for his legacy to continue and be able to defend his territory from intruders…..

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